(Combat Alchemy Solutions and Tactics)

Are you ready for C.A.S.T?

A fast paced competitive arena fighter where you combine elemental magic to create spells and put down your foes!


This is a utility element. Most spell combinations that include air good for knocking players off the stage or moving the caster around quickly.


Fire is another way to vanquish your foes. If you light some one in fire for about 1 second (different per character), It counts as a kill!


The earth element deals with a lot of physical objects. Flinging giant rocks or creating walls, Earth is a deadly element!


Water is another utility element. You can use it to push other players off the stage and create bubbles that slow and speed up your foes! 

What is C.A.S.T?

C.A.S.T is a mashup of ideas from a lot of different games. At its core, It's a 2D arena fighter where combining elements can save or take away lives. You can knock someone off the stage or just blast them away with a rock outright. There are spells that you can use to defend yourself as well!

We have some unique characters that change the properties of the spells based on their affiliation to an element. For example, Jamal turns all his earth and fire spells into lava spells. These spells mostly stick to the ground instead of flying through the air.

There is also a single player campaign in the works!