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Hey Wizards!

Long time no read. We’ve been really busy with getting things ready for October in general. Currently, we’re trying to make the website a bit more user friendly with some small additions. We will make a separate post about this as we add things.


We recently submitted our game to IGF (Independent Game Festival). The game is still in early production in our opinion so we don’t expect much in-terms of winning anything. We do hope to draw a bit of attention to the game in the process. Here’s a link to our submission.


Our good friend Jillian Mood has invited us to expo at CGX Montreal. This is an amazing opportunity for us and we’re very excited to be there. The expo is from October 21st to October 22nd. If you guys want to pop by our booth, feel free. We’re going to have some cool things on display and be there to help you guys out with some of the more complicated game-play aspects. We might even have some thing to give away!


We do plan to host a tournament but we have to get the details worked out before we confirm anything.